Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank you for your goodness!

Have you ever been to a marathon? I enjoy so many aspects of marathon day, but I have to admit my favorite aspect is walking up and down the streets cheering runners on. Your eyes make contact and even if you don't say anything, you feel a connection. They know you are standing there cheering them on, encouraging them to keep going, and mostly admiring their strength for undertaking such an athletic feat. I love standing at mile 25 or so. I love telling them they are doing a great job and my favorite "The End is ahead. Keep going. It is right around the corner." Often, the runner will just look up at you and smile.

I felt that way today.

Thank you with all my heart for your thoughtful comments, emails, texts, prayers, sacrifices, and most of all for reaching out to encourage another runner. I know heaven is like this. I know the spiritual life can be likened to this to a much greater level. KEEP GOING!! YOU ARE Doing a great job!! YOU are almost there!

One of my sweet friends who cannot have any more children due to circumstances outside her control sent a beautiful note this evening. She dealt with five babies intolerant to milk, soy, and wheat. She wrote, "Lindsay, Don't be discouraged!! I'm going to abstain from dairy, soy, and wheat with you, Lindsay!! I'll start tomorrow and we'll do it together for a couple weeks."

Another mother sent me her phone number and offered to walk through the grocery store with me, share recipes, cookbooks, and words of encouragement.

Numerous other helpful suggestions included chiropractic care, probiotics, looking into silent reflux, changes in nursing positions, and one sweet mother shared what her sister's spiritual director told her to pray for which was asking for an increase in her capacity for suffering. Isn't that beautiful?

 I promise that I thanked God for each of you today and asked Him to bless your kindness.

 I am so very, very, very well-aware of much greater sufferings that people are enduring. I really am. I ask for your prayers for them tonight.

For my friends, Chad and Kaci Steiner. They just welcomed their sixth child and their first SON. Their 18 month old daughter is battling cancer and is doing well. Chad spent the weeks prior to the baby being born with Priya in the hospital up in Omaha while Kaci was at home with the other children in Lincoln preparing for the arrival of Samuel.

 For my friend, Kirsten and her family. She and her husband welcomed their ninth child into this world August 22nd and he went home to be with Our Lord August 24th. Their example of God's perfect love is only something that I could hope to obtain an ounce of. The beautiful dignity they showed to Thomas has changed many souls. I read these words this week in our newspaper that made me think of Kirsten and her Thomas. "He was a messenger sent from God to teach us about love. They loved him unconditionally. The devil really hates that. He hates that the most."

For the Ruskamp family who buried their sweet baby Jude.  The dignity they showered upon him was so incredibly beautiful.

Thank you again for taking moments from your own life to encourage another.  You are dear to my heart and I thank God at every remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3).  I really do.  When I try to implement all your suggestions, I will thank Him for you.

I saved this outfit and hat from when Dominic was a baby.


  1. I love the comparison to the marathon runner, so true! I'm so glad you got that encouragement and so much love! I will keep your prayer intentions with mine for all your friends who are carrying sorrows right now.

  2. Beautiful reflection! I've had to avoid those things forum kids! It is tough. Larabars The peanut butter ones are satisfying snacks with out soy gluten or dairy. Amazon sells them. Prayers.

  3. That was so great. I just read a book that might help with the abstaining from wheat, soy and dairy - its called It Starts With Food. I just completed their Whole30 program that they recommend and it was really awesome. I feel so much better, physically, and even though I was abstaining from all that stuff, it was still totally possible for me to cook "normally" for my family and just not eat the things that I couldn't eat. Prayers for your search for whatever is bothering sweet Kapaun.

  4. LOVE YOU LINNY!!!!! Mammy