Sunday, November 3, 2013

Husker Baby

John was given tickets to the Husker game this past weekend against Northwestern. It was Lillie's turn to go and actually was her first game ever. His tickets were in the skyboxes so she had extra special treatment for her first game. Lillie is our #1 sports fanatic.  She will watch any sport, any time.  She usually keeps track of the score in a notebook.  She looks forward to Sundays as she enjoys the NFL the most besides Husker football or if Texas A&M is playing.  She thoroughly enjoyed the world series last week.  It is truly an experience to attend a Nebraska football game and to see the Sea of Red for the first time. 
The game was extra exciting with Nebraska winning in the last seconds with an incredible Hail Mary pass.  I was watching the game with the kids at home and we all screamed.  The first thing out of my mouth was, "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!  I wonder what Lillie did?"  I immediately thought of her because of all the excitement in the stadium and she actually was able to witness this incredible play.  I called John and he told me she jumped 20 feet into the air.  She was overcome with all the excitement and actually cried when she came home because she was so excited.  She witnessed history and will never, ever forget her first Nebraska football game. 

Husker baby is 6 weeks old.