Saturday, November 2, 2013

My little Brigitta

I always loved the scene from The Sound of Music when the children are first meeting Maria.  I loved when Brigitta walked in engrossed in her book unaware of the real world around because she was lost in the literary world.  I loved how Anne Shirley loved to read and Jo March devoured books like food.  My mother tells me that I always had my nose in a book.  I wish so much for our children to love reading. 

 Lillie loves to read.  What I love about her is that she is open to reading anything we give her.  If she sees me reading a book, she always asks to read it no matter what it is. 
 John promised her that if she read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings he would show her certain parts of the movie.  Very light-hearted parts and nothing that was too mature or scary for her.  She got right to it and read The Two Towers  all day long.  Every time I looked at her this day, she was reading. 
 Pictures like this remind me of the scene from Father of the Bride when Steve Martin is envisioning his little girl all the while she is telling him that she met a man in Rome and they are getting married.  I know when her older years come, this is the Lillie I will remember in my mind.


  1. Where did you get that leaf on th door!? I love it! Love that picture too ... looks very "fall-ish". :) lol. With the leaf and pumpkin and her sweater and boots. :)

  2. Thank you for my morning giggle seeing your Brigitta sitting in the wagon. A girls gotta do what she has to do for a little quiet reading time eh ;p
    I remember reading this book a million years ago,,,ok back in the late 1970's. you and Brigitta....I mean Lillie may enjoy it.

  3. I think about Father of the Bride also when my little girl is all wrapped up in something and I flash forward to how are we ever going to accept her growing up. Luckily, as each of my older boys grew up, as much as I missed them as little rough and tumble boys....I enjoyed every single aspect of their growing into adults, the journey can be bumpy at times but is overwhelmingly wonderful!

  4. Each time I read one of your posts, it reminds me to look at my children and really SEE them. You are a blessing to me! Thank you.