Sunday, December 15, 2013

God's playground and ice skating at Holmes Lake

This past week the weather was bitterly cold so as the temperatures crept into the 30s we couldn't decide if we should go swimming or skating. Isn't perspective funny? It felt nice out today. John took the kids out to our favorite playground. The barren forest is an open field for exploring and imagining. Dominic asks almost everyday if we can go out to God's playground, as we call it. I read on another blog once that sometimes children have to be shown what is beautiful because often they won't choose it naturally. The blogger wrote mainly about encouraging children to be and do outdoors. Some of our kids could be outside all day without any coat or hat and we have others that have to be pushed out the door. Once they are all out, we can barely bring them in and within a few minutes they get lost in childhood play.

God's evening splendor

Holmes Lake frozen over

This pictures looks as if she is coming in with the tide instead of walking on the ice.

Happy Gaudete Sunday!  I made a big pot of Corn Chowder and we watched "The Nativity" with the older children. 


  1. Beautiful! (Do some of your kids actually own ice skates? That would be Phil's dream.)

  2. Looks like you guys know how to enjoy some very frigid weather in a beautiful setting! I always love coming here, I think your family is such a good testimony to living an authentically Catholic life full of love and joy!

  3. Gosh, I should get inspired and toss my kids outdoors too... Funny thing is that I live in Rio de Janeiro, and now it's summer, so our temperature here is just around 30... celsius, that would make 80-90F... All we have to do is change clothes from shaming ones to more presentable ones (to be outdoors) and simply go out... but we just don't. It gave me shivers seeing you wearing THAT MUCH of clothes. Well, shame on me...

  4. Oh wow! I had no idea Holmes Lake ever froze over so solidly. Very cool!

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  6. Your photos are very emotional. Beautiful nature, winter entertainment what could be better for children? It's wonderful that you teach children to love nature. I think walking in the fresh air is the best alternative to pastime near the TV or computer games.