Monday, December 16, 2013

The guys in their white T-shirts

All day long I compose intense blog posts in my head. I vow that when the kids are in bed I shall write it all down, but alas each day concludes, as it should, and all I am able to muster up are a few pictures. I am okay with that as I started blogging as a way to document our days together. I think in the silence of the day, even though there is a lot of noise around me, God speaks all day. If He wanted me to write it down, He would allow the time. These pictures were taken in our old house. All the guys were wearing white T-shirts.


  1. I very much feel the same way about blogging. If I force it, then it isn't authentic and I want this to document our days for my kids. Also, I have 2 no longer living at home as well as a traveling husband so the blog keeps everyone up to date on our family. I still feel very strongly that if God wants me to blog it, then the time as well as idea will come.

  2. My husband, an only child, and his father have a long-standing tradition of taking a Christmastime "t-shirt photo" ever year. They always wear a plain white tee and jeans and stand side by side. I think it was started when my husband was around 10 yrs old to document how tall he got in relation to his father from year to year (both are 6'3" now). As of a couple years ago, we have a son, so now there are yearly pics of 3 generations wearing their t-shirt and jeans. It is great fun to look at the progression over time. Maybe it will be come a tradition for you, too!

  3. i enjoy to read your blog,i feel very good to see your pic with your family.white shirt is giving descent look to you.