Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2, 2014

Fr. Courtney comes to town. 

 Fr. Courtney graced our family with his presence Monday night for pizza at Piezano's.  He is the youngest of nine children.  We have been friends since he was a seminarian. We love when he comes into town.  Doughnuts in the morning and pizza at night.  Why wouldn't they love Fr. Courtney?   He always gives them a picture of Jesus and says, "Have you met my friend?" 
Kapaun 15 weeks
 John reminded our family tonight at prayers what Mother Teresa told his Uncle Tom while he was in the seminary to become a priest.

"Be a HOLY priest."  I always apply that to myself.  "Be a HOLY mother."  Work on holiness.  Not outward holiness, inward.  

He has told me this story many times.  I love it every time.  I forget every dingle dong day that it is about holiness.  I have written about this before and am thankful for the reminder.

Handle all things with HOLINESS. 


  1. We are Fr. Courtney fans too!

  2. I truly needed this to start my morning Lindsay as the 1st day of this year was a doozy! I need to take this day with holiness and look at the struggles as a means to get to heaven, instead of the trials they are.
    God Bless you on this 2nd of January!

  3. Great reminder Lindsay, holiness is so within reach but in the midst of chaos it feels as far from my heart as you can get. Fr. Courtney sounds like such a good friend, I will keep him in our prayers for Priests!

  4. Gotta love us some Father Courtney!!! It was great running into you again at the oh so famous pizza place! :)