Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Brown Wool Coats and baby blue eyes

I found one of these beauties last year for Clairvaux on super clearance at Old Navy. I regretted often that I didn't pick up other sizes for the rest of our female tribe. Long and behold, I stopped by last week and they had the same coat on clearance again! Yee-haw! Damaris was in need of a new coat anyway so I snatched one up for her.

NEVER EVER shy for the camera.

16 weeks

We noticed that his hair sprouts a little more and more each day.  He has started grabbing objects in his reach, still wakes at night like a brand newborn, drools like we have never seen before, and LOVES his mother. My sister has been with us for a couple weeks and she proclaimed once that Kapaun doesn't like her.  I just told her that it is not that he doesn't like you, he just REALLY likes me. 


  1. Adorable babies, and great find on the coat!

  2. Such absolutely adorable kids, Lindsay! LOVE those coats!

  3. Hooray for the clearance find at Old Navy! I have done that where I see something on sale but decide not to buy it and then regret it. How fun that it was there again! My 6 month old son stills sleeps like a newborn also. . .for a while I kept hoping that he would stop soon, but I am not holding my breath any longer.

  4. These Wool Coats are amazing. The kids are just too cute!! I got this style for my twins as well. WE got a great deal at Burlington and I love the way it looks in pictures.