Friday, February 21, 2014

Augustus Gloop and his nursing habits

Dominic called Kapaun Augustus Gloop yesterday and now it has stuck.  Our little Augustus has a serious nursing problem. He loves to nurse and has developed several cute pre-nursing habits that resemble Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's Augustus Gloop.

 Kapaun clears his throat before he nurses. He hums continuously until he is hooked up. It cracks John up. It is like he is getting ready to devour the best meal ever and he isn't going to miss one tasty morsel. It is rather darling.
Augustus Gloop in his new rocking chair

"Did somebody say "Nurse?"


  1. I had several that were like that! One would breathe in and out rapidly out of excitement - it always made me laugh because he acted like it had been days or weeks since he'd been there, instead of an hour or two. I really did love nursing though, so it was awesome!

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