Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eclectic reading styles

Just after I posted a couple days ago regarding the early morning cereal eating and reading routine, I looked over at lunch yesterday to see six books propped up.

I love how the play changes from Indian dress up/play rehearsal to "Let's read through this basket of books today!"  Poor Truman.  They made her be a pilgrim much to her chagrin.  I think it was the bonnet that sent her over the edge.

Then, Chancho dropped this doozy on me today.  She staggered into the kitchen after naps, spotted the two dozen cuties I just purchased while she was asleep and put in her multiple requests.  I peeled her a couple and turned to do something else.  I looked back to find her enjoying the cuties and The Fellowship of the Ring.  There aren't any pictures in the book so why is she looking at this book.  Relaxing??

Later this evening as I was preparing a taco feast (Have you made the recipe for
CopyKat's Chipotle Guacamole??? Tastes just like it!), I kept tripping over these three puppies, but it was too cute to move them.

So, after having taught several children to read using easy readers, we've decided to skip all that with Kapaun and start with Brothers Karamozov.  I think this picture indicates that his comprehension skills are right on track.  He gets it, I tell you.

MOM!!!  Stop sneaking up on us. You scared me!

"Wait!!!  I want to nurse. I always want to nurse.  I am getting nervous.  I am a hand-wringing mess. Don't leave."


  1. Lindsay, I've been reading your blog for a few months now and just adore you and your family. I'm in Lincoln too so I feel extra special that you're a Lincoln blogger! This top picture is so darn adorable!, I can't believe it wasn't staged, I hope my one baby now will turn into many and I can have this site at my table one day too!

  2. My eldest has just started bringing her books to breakfast and lunch, it's a no-no at dinner or she'd have it there too. It's so awesome to see children so in love with books.
    Your children are SUCH cuties! My baby loves the little Halos too!
    Thank you for sharing a window into your blessed home. It's so awesome to see!
    Happy Friday!
    And Happy Feast Day of St Peter Damian

  3. How do the kids not get food all over the books?

    1. As I answered below, sometimes the obvious is way too obvious for me. I am always in a state of perplexity at our books and their condition.

  4. Kapaun! So funny with that stunned sort of look on his face, lol.

    Seriously, HOW do your books stay clean? I want to break out in hives at the mere thought of my kids reading at the table. I can't imagine the mess they'd make!

    1. You just solved my ever present quandary as to why our books get so beat up. I know I am a little slow at times, but this is pretty much 1 + 1=2
      not 1 + 1= chicken. Seriously. I am constantly perplexed at the state of our books. I would love any further suggestions on the proper care and keeping of books. They take them everywhere and anywhere we go.

    2. Hahaha! :) With all the sticky fingers we have at our table (and I'm sure you do, too!) it's no wonder. :) I really need to work on teaching a couple of my kids to treat books with more care. Ours are often getting stepped on and put carelessly into the bookshelves until their spines crack or covers bend or the like. Very frustrating.

      But still. It's probably worth the ritual. Those pictures! Who doesn't sigh contentedly at a photo of a table full of children reading? Especially Damaris, reading her epics novels! :) And anyway, I bet it's a more pleasant meal than the bickering that might ensue if the books weren't present... ask me how I know. ;)

  5. that picture with his surprised face is too much!!