Friday, February 14, 2014

The many faces of Chancho

I like her. A lot. She just pulls on my heart everyday with her adorable ways. As wild and wholly as she may be a lot of times, I just adore her. I felt a twinge of sadness when I put her to bed last night because of how she rolled over and looked at me. She rode the struggle bus hard yesterday, but I still felt sad putting her to bed.
I think it is her affectionate ways.  She hides no love from anybody and will lay one on you at any moment.  She asks me to read her a "tory" any time I sit on the couch which makes me heart hurt at how adorable it is.  She cocks her head and says, "Read, tory?"  She loves "Did, a did did a Dora" and "Harry the Dirty Dog." 
She recently started doing this face when I ask to take her picture and now she wants to "see" every picture.

I know she thought she was glamorous in the above picture.  Her hair rides the struggle bus most days too!  She looks great in the morning and about one hour later, she is a train wreck with her hair all frizzed out.  Lesson learned.  I will forever buzz my kids hair at a young age. I heard it is the secret to fuller hair as a child.  I think she is too old for the buzz although I am tempted.

 That's what three bowls of soup will do to your belly.  Yikes.  I can't wait to change that turkey chili bean diaper x 3 bowls.

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