Thursday, February 13, 2014

Licorice International: A February Field trip

We toured the Licorice International store as one of our February field trips today. Man, I never knew so much about licorice as I do now. Who would have thought? This is exactly why I could go on field trips everyday. You learn so much about something so common as licorice and now my little world will never be the same in that regard. Did you know that if licorice isn't black, it isn't actually licorice? You can read more HERE
Our homeschool group is growing each year and I just love that we are exploring the city of Lincoln together.  I am a big fan of large crowds so if one million people show up, the better the event.

Each of these bins contained a multitude of different flavors of licorice from around the world and novelty candies.

These two women started this business together.  The woman below began it in honor of our husband's love of licorice.  She is a writer by trade, but wanted something to supplement their income.  They bought Licorice International from a man in New York City.  Half of their sales are web-based and the other half are walk-in customers. They import licorice from 13 different countries around the world and ship all around the world.  I just love these stories as John and I can't stop watching the TV show Shark Tank at nights when the kids are in bed.  We are constantly dreaming up what we should invent or what business needs to be created. 
Field Trips Forever!!!!


  1. Oh, oh! I know and love that licorice shop! Whenever I go to a Cornhusker game with my dad, we stop in there :).

  2. I heard the Licorice Ladies ad on Spirit Catholic Radio tonight. Did you know they were supporters?

  3. Thanks for visiting us and sharing your experience with such great photos. We thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you and your children. Hope you'll come again. For those who aren't local, you can order online at

  4. Fun field trip, Lindsay!! I can't wait to explore the rest of the city with the group!!!