Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And Off we Go

Visiting John at work tops the charts as one of our favorite hobbies. We all love it. I've wanted to capture the kids before, but I've never had my camera on me.  I happened to have the camera yesterday. 
While we are waiting, I love how they park themselves in the book aisle and become completely immersed in the books.  Last time we visited John and were waiting for him to finish up with a patient, I watched the older seven kids lined up all on the same side of the aisle, all their heads were down, and so enamored at the book they were reading.  It was really sweet and regret so much not being able to take a picture outside of my memory of the event.

Getting out of the house especially when it is arctic outside should become an Olympic Sport.  Bathroom, hair, shoes, socks, coats, hats, bathroom, drink, etc., etc. The older kids are such a help, but it usually feels like I am herding cats around. 
For example, Exhibit #1:  Vianney thought she was ready to go in the above ensemble. Well, the temperature was 1 degree out so the bare legs probably won't hold up long.  I thought she looked darling with her little white legs, white socks, and Mary Jane shoes.
Exhibit #2:  Damaris was convinced she was ready to "A-go."  She wrote on her legs with pen, but man the slippers were perfect for sub-zero weather. 

She finally pulled it together and was as precious as could be.
My favorite little kid trait:  the smiling eyes smile.  I adore her squinty eyed smile.


  1. I had to laugh at your "herding cats" comment. My mother has said that exact same thing when she has observed the chaos of leaving the house. Just when you think one is ready, you turn around and they have run off somewhere else!

    I have that exact same silver coat that Damaris is wearing. We have size 12 months, so none of my little girls can fit into it right now. I don't think it would look the same on David next winter. :)

    We love visiting our daddy at work too!

  2. Sweet, sweet kiddos!! Thanks for keeping it real. Reminds me of my life and I only have 5. Good times. :)

  3. I have 5 and my oldest just turned 5 so yes, herding cats is about right. When they want to go play in the yard, they're suited up properly in five minutes. When we need to go out as a family, it's just as you say.

    Damaris has lost none of her baby-face cuteness despite being a big sister. Love the ballet slippers on fat baby feet!

    We had to have a visit to our daddy's lab recently-the 3 year old thought he "shubbled dirt" at work. Um, not exactly. The kids were all eyes and couldn't crank out a single word for Daddy's coworkers.

  4. So cute! Her head looks so much better. What do people think of you when you go out with all the kids? Do you get the stares and whispering like we do, or are big families more normal where you live?

  5. Damaris is SUCH a cutie!
    And we agree, visiting Daddy is THE best! Even if it's only for a moment.