Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Robert P. George on Abortion

If you are not friends with Robert George on facebook, I would highly recommend adding him as his sound philosophical mind stops me in my tracks everyday.  He will accept your friend request.  He is a philosophy professor at Princeton.  He writes frequently about abortion.

Today, he posted the following which with all my conscience I cannot turn a blind eye to and not share.  May God open our eyes to fight for the unborn with new vigor especially with our roots committed to suffering for their cause and in hopes that our sacrifices will save their life.

 Here is the following from his facebook page:

"Friends, I am sharing this with great reluctance. It is a video of an abortionist performing an abortion by which the life of an unborn child is taken at 20 weeks. PLEASE do not watch this if you are not prepared to see something truly horrible. It is made even more shocking by the mild-mannered, almost avuncular, tone of the abortionist's running commentary. He obviously sincerely believes that there is nothing wrong with killing and dismembering the developing child, and that he is merely "helping this young woman get on with her life." It is utterly chilling. From 2:30 to 2:45, as he explains that he is "reassembling the fetal tissue," you see what is really going on here. Again, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS UNLESS YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR IT. I am sharing it for those who are prepared so that you can see with your own eyes what the abortion power means by "fetal tissue" and other euphemisms. Bear in mind, by the way, that this is not a video created by the pro-life movement. It is a video done by the abortionist to show the interested public how he does his work---work that he is proud of doing. God help us."

The abortionist that created this video did so to inform viewers how he does abortions.  He dismembered this poor baby so casually for educational purposes and pieces the baby back together so the woman can "get on with her college career."

 Whether or not you have watched the abortion video and seen the child's tiny severed hand, please watch this concluding scene from Schindler's List and, pro-life friends, please ask yourself, as I am asking myself, did I do enough? Am I doing enough? 

 And all I could think of was that line of Oscar Schindler's when those whom he saved we're seeing him off after the war had ended. Fighting back tears, he said "But I didn't do enough. But I didn't do enough." The survivors were showering him with praise and thanks, yet all he could think of was the fact that he hadn't sold his wedding ring. "With the money I could have saved one more, maybe even two." And then he saw his fine automobile and, wracked with guilt, he said "I could have sold it. I didn't need it. I could have saved ten more." When I saw the little hand, all I could think is, I haven't done enough.

*A note of sympathy to my dear sisters in Christ.  My whole intent is to form the conscience of all Americans, including myself, who might become a bit complacent to this horrific act.  If you have had an abortion, I have written previously about my dearest friend HERE.  I do not judge your soul.  I reach out my hand to help you heal as I know these issue might stir up a vortex of emotions.  I am sorry the world has lied to you and told you that all would be well once the baby was gone.  Let us pray for each other.


  1. This is my greatest struggle, I have friends AND family who have had abortions and it pains me greatly to cause them pain. I am passionately pro-life, and my intent is always to help form the conscience of all who do not understand what it is, but doing so delicately can be such a challenge as rubbing salt into wounds feels miserable. This hateful, horrible evil industry must MUST end! Praying hard!

  2. Thank you for having the courage and the heart to post this, Lindsay! I just friended Robert George on Facebook today at your prompting--I have his books and love his talks and articles but didn't know he had a fb page too. I think it's so important that we pro-life mommy bloggers use these little (well, mine is little but yours is much bigger! :) ) online platforms to spread awareness of the pain and horror that unborn children go through every single day in the world. It's a silent holocaust that we have the power to help end.

  3. Lindsay, you are such a beautiful soldier for Christ. You are such an inspiration to me in EVERY way!
    May God Bless you with a beautiful Monday!
    I'm bestowing on you...the SUNSHINE award!

  4. Lindsay, I discovered your blog sometime last year and have enjoyed your posts so much. I don't think I can handle watching the videos, but I am glad to know about Robert P. George and the stand he is taking on behalf of babies everywhere.