Thursday, April 3, 2014

As sweet as could be...

My favorite commonality that John and I share is by far our children.  As most parents do, we delight in them so much TOGETHER.  We find their cute antics adorable together.  When I am old and gray, I will look back at our childrearing years together with much joy as they gave us so much joy together.  I was up rocking Kapaun tonight and John came up.  We were looking at him together, laughing about how adorable he is  and marveling at his growth.  He gets up on all fours like a little bear.  I recently bought him a fresh, crisp pack of new white onesies.  I LOVE babies in onesies.  He looked so edible in his new duds.

Laughing at wild woman.

6 1/2 months old

"So Ladies..How do you like my drool?"

They took my pants off and let's see...

I've seen them do this one million times.

Does it go over my head?

I can't figure it out.  I will just eat them like I do everything else.

She shares the secret plan.

Are you kidding me?  Like when?  Please take note of her hair.  First, review the previous post and then look what a few hours can do to your hair.  Mullet central.

She's cray-cray!

His real girlfriend rescues him from crazy.


  1. "Are you kidding me? Like when?" "She's cray cray" hahahahaha, dying

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  3. One of my favorite things about your blog are the funny captions under the pictures! They always make me laugh.
    -Elizabeth from Arlington

  4. He's edible! Oh Linny I miss you dearly.

  5. The love of your children just glows out of the photos!

  6. I died! you're on a roll lindz! "so ladies do you like my drool" brilliant!!!

  7. My dear mrs. Boever, has anyone told you that you are a bit short in the brain cell department. Was your father a bit "off"? (if y ou know what i mean). There are all kinds of wonderful drugs out on the market that can help you. Help is just a pharmacy away. Kapaun was dropped from heaven. Now he is medicine for the soul. Those pictures of him and Damaris belong in a catholic family magazine. what a riot. by the way......i love you,anne(with an E,,,Shirley)

  8. Oh my goodness, how is he that big already!? He is delicious!