Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Catching up.

In looking back through our pictures, I have realized that I have forgotten to blog about several birthdays and different outings we have taken as a family. For the next couple weeks, I hope to be able to put our pictures to the written word here on the blog. If you see pumpkin patch pictures, I am not losing my marbles. I am just getting caught up. I write all day in my head. I usually blog at night and it seems more and more that our nights are filled with this or that. We took everybody to Sam's Club tonight. Who needs Disney when you have Sam's Club? I have never been to Costco, but I hear it is incredible. The kids were so delighted at everything. I think I will remember Clairvaux the most. She was mezmerized at all the goodness. While driving to Sam's Club, she leaned over to Vianney and said, "I am just so excited." 
Her 2nd birthday is Thursday.  We can honestly say that we have enjoyed her every day of her life.  We love her wild ways. 

She is addicted to cheese sticks.  All day long, she wants "A Cheese Stick." 

To the defense of Clairvaux, she just got up from slumbering and I asked to take her picture. 

With her Rosie.  Whenever she gets into trouble, she wanders through the house calling for Rosie.  Rose dotes and dotes.  They are two peas in a pod.

Should be illegal.

And just like that, she is back to crazy Chancho with dilapidated hair.  Isn't she wonderful!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE their denim jackets. I too, had denim jackets for my sweeties up until size 12...now I need to find them some ladies' jackets.
    And Chancho, so adorable!

  2. Costco is amazing! Your children are so beautiful!

  3. Oh, my goodness what would we do without Sam's? It's the only store I don't mind taking all of the boys to. It's also such a fun place to evangelize, because everyone stops and has to ask if ALL of the kids are mine. Last year we did a math lesson at Sam's. The boys had to choose 5 products or foods that our family purchases regularly, then cost compare with Dillons/Hy-Vee. The goal was to see if buying in bulk at Sam's is cost effective for every item in the store, or just for certain things. We had a lot of fun. Their big discovery was that gum is so much cheaper in bulk....now it's the first thing they ask for when we go there. "It's such a good deal!" they always remark! Adorable pics of the girls in their denim. If I had a girl I'm pretty sure my heart would break into a thousand pieces.

  4. Your children are so adorable, and I really love reading about how much you love them. It makes me all the more excited to be a mother one day.
    And I can't believe you've never been to Costco! It's seriously the best! That was our place that we'd get super excited to go to when our mom would pile us in the car to go with her.

  5. My kids just love going because of the food samples:)