Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memory Master 2013-Dominic

(Back Posting from April 2013) What a boy! He really is!  We have been part of a Classical Conversations community for three years now.  John and I cannot say enough about this program, our CC community, and our wonderful director Tori.  She really is one-of-a-kind.  Her whole family is.  They are such a blessing to all of us. Classical Conversations has really put our whole family together learning on the same upward trajectory.  The program is so beautifully written and Tori really does make everything so perfect.

The highest academic achievement in CC is known as Memory Master.  To be a Memory Master, a student must memorize to mastery all the bits of information that pertain to the current cycle we are on for the year.  It is over 500 different pieces of information.  It really is an amazing feat.  The student must recite the information 4 different times to their parent, another parent, their tutor, and finally to the director.  The subject matter varies from Geography, Math, English Grammar, Latin, History, Science, the Presidents, and the 161 point historical timeline from creation to the present.  John and I are always so impressed by the weekly memorization, but to see a student say EVERYTHING in one setting leaves you about speechless.

Dominic earned the title of Memory Master last year for Cycle 1.  He studied diligently and consistently.  We were so very proud of him.  He received a Memory Master T-shirt, a trophy, and a certificate.  May you always use your beautiful mind to glorify HIM,

I am so blessed that he still seeks us in the crowd to flash his smile.

My Boy.  sigh.  He was so proud of his shirt.


  1. What a guy! What is it about sons that completely melts a momma's heart? Blessed to find out we're expecting boy#4, they are truly SO much fun!
    Way to go Dominic!

  2. Proud of you Dom!!👏👏❤HG

  3. Have you heard of Classically Catholic Memory? It is a lot like CC but also has a religion component and Latin prayers. We love it!

  4. GO DOM!!!!!
    - Mammy

  5. Hello!

    I've loved following your family and your blog for several months now (a friend posted a link to your blog on Facebook), but I was blown away to see a picture of my aunt-in-law on your blog...yes, Tori! She is my husband's father's brother's wife, she's family! How wonderful is that? We love Tori and her family, and now I feel like I can claim you all as extended family and not just a family I love to follow online. :) -Ariel

  6. Congratulations to your son! I also have enjoyed following your blog for the past few months. You have a beautiful family. I am planning to homeschool my children in the fall and would love to find something like this in the Kansas City area. Have you always homeschooled your children?

  7. Way to go, Dominic! Proud of you!

  8. Wow, that is great! It's our first year doing cc, and I'm sure that took a LOT of hard work.