Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dominic's Book Club

Dominic joined his first book club this year. I was so thrilled when Renee suggested it as I have been wanting him to be able to delve into a variety of literary works with the ability to discuss them in depth with other boys. I think we should come up with some great title like "The Philosopher's Club." I was cracking up at their amazing analysis of the book and their ability to understand the author's intent.

We hosted book club today at our home and chose "Gone-Away Lake"  by Elizabeth Enright as the featured work.  All the boys in attendance were eager learners. 

Of course, we started with Legos while the boys arrived and moved onto introductions with each boy stating his favorite cuisine.  They liked that part.  Next, we moved onto discussion and trivia about the book with salt water taffy as a reward for each answered question.  It was the only treat that I could think of that related to the title.  They loved it. 
pg. 76
"And then we'll go back to my house and have a little refreshment.  I've baked a cake." Julian restrained himself from asking what kind of cake, but in his heart was the passionate hope that it was chocolate."~ requested by Dominic to surprise the boys.

We also bought a jug of Green Machine juice and made a new label stating "A.P. Decoction" which stood for the Anti-Pest Decoction the grumpy Mrs. Brace-Gideon used on her cats.  
We live around the corner from Pine Lake so after a lively game of Wounded Dead, we decided to adventure on to our very own Gone-Away Lake and get a little exercise in.

Where did the lake go?

Rosie loves to run.  She always has.

This age of boy is really fun.  They are up for any adventure and are developing such hysterical personalities.  I really enjoyed each of these great boys.

We also took a few moments at the park.