Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little Sister Chat

These two together are a wild rodeo. John and I cannot help but giggle at the often heard comments regarding the assumed calmness of having a bunch of girls in a row.  In all honesty, Dominic is the easiest going out of all of our children and these two little girls are like having two frisky puppies pouncing around the house and wreaking complete havoc on any attempted project.  They feed off each other, but mostly we all do blame Damaris.  Even though she is younger, she runs the show.  Clairvaux is the brains of the group while Damaris is the go and get the job done portion of the show.

This scene was particularly precious as they spend most of their time outside together.  We haven't installed a fence that goes all around the back yard, but thankfully Damaris hasn't figured that out yet so for now, she stays in the back yard with Clairvaux.  I had to take the pictures from behind the door as to not interrupt the conversion.  Damaris talked the whole time while Clairvaux listened.  Damaris kept cracking up at what she was telling Clairvaux.  It was precious.

Thelma and Louise