Friday, April 11, 2014

My Boys

Dominic and Kapaun in their Sunday best.

I promise his diaper was not as full as it looks.  Wow.  I had to add this picture as he looks extra lumpy and round.  Delicious.

 John and I love when he does this face.  He does it when he is in rapid attack mode of a new object.

Little puppy at almost 7 months next week.


  1. Strawberry blond? I loooove him in the sweater romper.

  2. Lindsay,
    I love your pictures! I am in a big family myself and wish to take better pictures of them. What kind of modes and speeds and whatnot do you use for your photos?
    I love Kapaun- trying to get all your kids' names straight which is funny because I'm one of ten myself. :)
    13-year-old lover of all things kids and photography.