Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Copy cat

Nothing starts a your day off better than a good top knot.  After much yanking and pulling, we accomplished the task of pulling up almost all of her hair.  It was fun.  She is cute.

Then, Clairvaux swoops in and strikes a pose faster that you know what has hit you.
First, she smiles then BAM!! she hits the floor and immediately goes into this little number.
It now looks like someone is learning the trade.  Once Clairvaux hit the floor, Damaris wasted no time and hit the floor to strike her own.


  1. We need more photo shoots!

  2. What darling sundresses! Lindsay, what is the way you most appreciate your kids encouraging each other? Please reply, as I need help encouraging my own siblings!
    13-year-old Lover of My Child, I Love You

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