Friday, June 20, 2014

Fatrick is 9 months old

Big stuff is 9 months old already. He is everywhere. He can climb our stairs. He can pull up on anything. Our favorite is how he will test any object to see the sound it makes. He bangs everything together or on the floor. He loves to play with the springy door stop. Pure joy.  He has entered nicely into the alligator diaper changing phase.  I seriously have a panic attack when I have to change him because his hips are so strong and it is a P90X workout especially if the contents of the diaper aren't just wet.  Why do they do this?

Dominic said today that he feels like Kapaun is a celebrity.  We are always talking about him and what he does.  I always ask Dominic when we are riding in the car, "What is your favorite thing our boy does?"  Then, we proceed to name off all the cute things he does. 

Zellie is still his main squeeze outside of me.  Although, John is swooping in fast.  He started getting really excited when he walks in the door. 

This though, takes the cake.  It all started one evening when I was making dinner and Kapaun was fussing.  Zellie took him outside and rode around on the deck with him.  He LOVES it more than anything.  I bet she rode for 30 minutes.  Now, she does it almost everyday.  He LOVES it every time and we all love watching him chill on the bike while Zellie furiously peddles him around.

His current nicknames are:
1. Boy
2. Getting to Be
3. Getting (Yep.  I am a weirdo.  We call him a verb.)
4.  Lincoln's Finest
5.  Sa-Loob or Sa-Loob-e-de-doob
6.  Fatrick J. Boever
7.  Joseph

His current theme song is:
"He's getting to be.  He's getting to be.  Lincoln's Finest....BOOM!  That's for shizzle."

Baby Selfie

I was just laughing tonight how he cups his little feet in.  He learned to do this do to a prior run-in with getting his little foot caught in the wheel.  I don't know why I think it is cute.


  1. My ten month old boy has the same problem with diaper changes right now. I am feeling thew burn with you!

  2. Oh my your theme song is hilarious. :) and alligator diaper stage is happening here too!!!! It's so exhausting!!!

  3. Haha, I have major battles with my 11 month old son to change diapers and clothes also. I lose almost every time.

  4. Sweetest babies EVAH! Darling smooshie-wooshies! My three babies (2, 4 & 6) are similarly precious and silly. Such fun to see another house full of lovin'!

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