Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Under the Influence

So sweet and innocent.  He is into everything, but it is all pretty harmless.  Until...
Wild woman gets a hold of him.  She loves danger.

Look Kapaun!

What was that?  I didn't see it.
Pull yourself up!  Like this!  How do they think of these things?
I will not look.  I will go to my window view where I go numerous times a day and enjoy looking outside.
I see these little legs so many times standing here during each day.  I wonder how he settled upon this particular spot?


  1. Oh, too cute! I have two daughters, who used to be "little wild woman". Now, they wonder how they ever used to fit under the dining room table. Thanks for the commentary; I had to laugh.

  2. I picked that spot by the window cuz I can see my siblings, ma!

  3. The picture of damaris hanging can come in handy when she's interviewing for Ringling Brithers Barnam and Bailey circus! Amazing ! I remember ole Rosie posies high flying balancing act when she was little!

  4. Adorable! My oldest, who is 2.5, has a window that is "his." He has looked out that living room window since he was old enough to stand and walk over to it. It melts my heart. I always wonder what he sees?

  5. She is a wild one! Hilarious. He seems a little reluctant to copy her every move:)