Friday, June 27, 2014

His whole new world

I have experienced a real contentment in my babies when they become mobile and can explore on their own. I really do love finding them in their play. I love seeing them explore things they've never explored before.  On the other hand, I don't like it because now I have a whole new set of things to worry about like small objects on the floor, bathroom doors left open, and stairs.

We enjoyed these photos of Kapaun because we would flip back and forth on my camera and it looked like his leg was dancing.  You don't really get the same feel here on the blog.

Our school room now becomes transportable as I usually have to sit in the room he is playing in so I can do double time.  Dominic and I were doing a spelling test while Kapaun was cooking.
We also laughed at these two photos because first you see a face.  Then you see his face squish down and get devoured by his cheeks.
This is his favorite toy.  I can't believe he is at the "playing with toys" phase.  He will wind this toy over and over. 

Anybody else think he looks 13 years old here?

He took his first tumble down the stairs.  Thank goodness he wasn't at the top, but still.  Last month, he was barely crawling and now he can go all the way upstairs.  Something seems a little fishy here.


  1. Why are their fat thighs soooo lovely and attractive but ours--- not so much😛

  2. The last photo of kapaun looks like he'd been out all night and was trying to sneak into the house without someone hearing him crawl in!

  3. he really has turned into a ball of chunky cuteness, it's so funny and adorable

  4. He's so cute! Maybe he senses another little one on the way?!

  5. Happy birthday , Lindsay Anne, I thank God for giving me such a diamond of a daughter!!! July 1, 1979 was one of the happiest days of my life!

  6. I have become one of your faithful readers, and look forward to each new post and photo. I am inspired daily to be a better person, thank you!

  7. A friend just posted this video about Fr Kapaun on facebook... I thought I'd share in case you hadn't already seen it!

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