Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Photo Night

Family pictures. I had to include a few of our outtakes because most of the 1,000 pictures taken were hilarious.   I know the kids want to run and hide when I announce that we will be taking our family picture. No matter how relaxed I try to be, it is just quite the little adventure deciding what to wear, where to take the picture, styling and restyling hair, finding shoes, and THEN taking the picture is always a carnival ride. I blame it every year on the two year old.  Damaris did not disappoint.  I do feel bad for the kids as I have this image in my mind that I am hoping to capture and they are just being kids smiling their natural smiles. 
Damaris went down hill fast.

I have ZERO photo editing skills so apart from uploading to Photobucket and using their handy tabs, we pretty much have to take 1,000 shots in hopes of getting a good one.

Not to speak about somebody behind their back, but we were discussing the obvious tot's antics in this photo.  Clairvaux was even dismayed.  Zellie wasn't feeling well. 
In hopes that they don't have completely horrible memories of taking family pictures, we took them out for Mexican food afterwards. 


  1. Didn't we just do a niewald red white and blue photo session in front of the Street house ? And wasn't my fatrick baby, damaris rose? You will love these pictures in 20 years when you watch your girls take pics of their families! How blessed you are ! The mother and father in the photos are rather dashing! I'd say having babies has made you two quite beautiful !

  2. Lindsay - I love the outtakes as much as the new header. The one with Clairvaux with her hands on her cheeks is so cute! I love the red,white, and blue combo, stunning! You all look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. You must coach the older ones not to corral the little ones. Mine think it will help so they grab the baby or toddler and hold them up. Then, the baby or toddler is shrieking and trying to flee in the photo. Yours look very peaceful! Well done:)

  4. Love the new picture!! Well done!

  5. I love your new picture so much! Your family is so beautiful. We only have two right now but I am hoping for many more children!

    1. Haha oops autocorrect always changes my name to Ross!! It's rosa!

  6. I LOVE the pic of the different size of everyone's legs!! It won't be long before you don't fit on one row anymore! We are expecting number 5... family photos are definitely a carnival ride... the one where you have to loose your groceries afterward!


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