Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vala's Pumpkin Patch 2014-Dominic

I am behind on posting about our annual Vala's Pumpkin Patch trip.  I missed last years post because I had just had Kapaun a couple days before the big event.  John took the kids by himself.  I was so determined to have Kapaun after we went to Vala's as I didn't want to miss seeing them enjoy all the goodness.  This week will be an overload of Vala's Pumpkin Patch pictures and recaps so I can get caught up.  I want to do a different post for each child.  I noticed after taking over 400 pictures on Saturday that each child enjoys the event to the fullest and looks forward to their individual remembrances of our past years.

I will start with Dominic.  He still anticipates this trip like he did in 2009 as a seven-year-old.  I find it interesting how as each year passes and he grows taller, his little boy memories change.  The once BIG yellow slide is not as big as he remembered from years past.  He did comment on the drive home that this was our BEST YEAR yet.  I had to agree.  The balmy weather didn't slow their desires down a bit.  Vala's adds new attractions each year which I seem to not notice, but the kids notice every detail that is new.  I noted that Dominic this year really wanted me to go down all the slides, tour the varying barns, and explore the miners cave with him.  He offered several times to hold Kapaun so I could try the slide with John. 

2009-Dominic 7 years old
2010-Dominic 8 years old
2011-Dominic 9 years old

2012- Dominic 10 years old

2013-Dominic 11 years old
2014- Dominic 12 years old

The HAY jump.  Always exhilarating.

He certainly has evolved in the snow cone makes skills.  I remember the first year him adding all 30 flavors available.  This year, he stuck with his top two favorites.

Enjoying the dog show.

We had a very fun and full day.  We went to visit the Pink Sisters in the morning, Vala's all afternoon, and hustled over just in time to catch the kick off for the Nebraska/Miami game.  Dominic and I had the time of our lives.  It was an exciting and physical game.  The crowd stood the whole time.  We yelled almost the whole time.  What a great game to be at!  We are so grateful to our friends who gave us tickets.  Mostly, I was glad to just spend time with Dominic. 


  1. Wow. Next year you.will.have.a.teenager. CRAZY!! And as I HUGE fan of progression and before/after shots, I love love love posts like this! Nice job :)

  2. i hope this isn't uncharitable of me, and maybe it's coincidence, but i found it humorous that the only out-of-focus picture was from the year you were not able to attend. is your husband not a photographer? ;) i have to say i'm impressed the photo got taken though! your children are so beautiful!

  3. I have to say, I'm a little jealous seeing your pictures. I grew up in Omaha, therefore grew up with Vala's. Now I'm out of state, in fact I haven't even been back to Omaha in 6 years. :*( Life has just been too chaotic to make it, and we've been dying to take the kids to the zoo. Maybe next summer! Anyway, glad you had a blast. I'll live vicariously through your pictures! ;) (Seriously, though, I've had a hard time finding such a good patch around us. Or maybe it's just nostalgia? lol)

  4. Wow!!!! I love your blog, Lindsay. You do such a fabulous job with it - don't let anyone tell you others. Keep living for Christ and showing us the power of a moment as you do so well!!

    14-year-old lover of My Child, I Love You

  5. Whoops. Meant don't let anyone tell you OTHERWISE. My bad! :P

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