Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vala's Pumpkin Patch-2014 Lillie

I think it is safe to say Lillie has grown a bit since we first started going. We actually started going in 2008, but I cannot find the pictures to accompany that year. I feel like we have been only making our annual trip for a few short years. It is a bit crazy to think that we have seven years under our belt. When we were leaving the farm this year, the older kids vowed to come back from college AND even when they are married to attend with our family. I could only hope so.
2009- Lillie 5 years old
2010- Lillie 6 years old

2011- Lillie 7 years old

Lillie- 2012 8 years old
Lillie 2013 9 years old

Lillie- 2014 10 years old

Lillie wants everyone to have as much fun as she is having.  She tried to show Damaris all the sights and sounds of Vala's all day. 

THE BIG WHITE SLIDE is a hit for everyone.  I watched them go up and down for an hour. 

John and I both have a great memory of Lillie a couple years back on the go-carts.  She was in a trance, traveling at light speed around and around the track.  I think she believes it is a race.  She truly drinks life in to its fullest. 

Watching Lillie enjoy the dog show will be one of my favorite memories of this year.  She loves animals so much.  Although, she especially loves dogs.  We were all standing next to the bleachers and as I was doing my usual head count, I noticed Lillie sitting up in the bleachers by herself enjoying the show.  It was sweet to watch her react without her knowing I was watching.  She connects with animals like I have never seen.  She is as comfortable holding any dog, cat, gerbil, or cow like I am holding a baby. 

My Favorite Picture.  Pure Delight.


  1. Holy smokes! She's 5 feet tall?! I mean, she has tall parents, but wow.

    That last picture is a perfect moment captured.

  2. Lillie is so beautiful! Please tell her I said so! Her hair and her height are so unique and frankly very beautiful, the way our Lord made her! :)