Friday, October 10, 2014

Vala's Pumpkin Patch- 2014 Vianney

The minor trouble that Vianney's sweet personality presents is that it is easy to assume she is doing fine in all circumstances. Not until I ask her opinion, do I realize that beautiful face has so many deep thoughts and questions. I call my own mother often to tell her the amazing and insightful tidbits Vianney offers us each day. She is a very deep child.  A quiet observer by nature, but bursting with ideas and interesting facts.  I told my sister this summer after watching Vianney hesitantly crawl up on her lap that she is just waiting for you to ask to hold her.  She is just waiting for you to reach your arms out and hug her.  She is just so appropriate that she would never impose herself upon somebody, but LOVES so much when you offer.  My sister made a marked effort to play and be with her.  The rewards reaped were pure love and affection.  I was with her, Clairvaux, and Damaris tonight and felt so much that she is much like an oldest child.  She is smart beyond her years, responsible, wise, and respectful. 
Vianney- 6 months old
Vianney- 18 months old

Vianney- 2.5 years old

Vianney- 3.5 years old

Vianney- 4.5 years old

Vianney- 5.5 years old

She ran into a sharp sign at the pumpkin patch.  She bled pretty good, but after all was cleaned up we realized that there was only a small gouge.  True to her nature, she walked over to me with blood dripping down her forehead and just rested in my lap.  Sweet child.
When we are in a crowd, I write our phone number on their arm in case someone wonders off.  The concerned Americans were worried how and when they were going to get lost. I kept reassuring them that we would all stay together, BUT just in case.  Vianney couldn't let her little heart rest.


  1. I haven't commented about any of these pumpkin patch posts yet - but I've just been enjoying them so much!! I love how you have these personal descriptions of each of the children - and the photos! You really have the most beautiful family! It struck me today how the world gives us the message that we shouldn't have large families - too hard to provide for them, not enough time to go around, etc., etc. And yet, when you read these little paragraphs about each of your children, it's such a true example of how our mother's hearts just stretch and stretch to encompass each soul that we are blessed to carry and raise. You know each of them so intimately and it's just lovely. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. She's so cute! Little blonde! :)