Friday, October 10, 2014

Vala's Pumpkin Patch- 2014 Zellie

Look at little Zellie. A whole two years of age.  It really is endearing how much she mimics my every move.  If I wear a watch, she wears a watch.  If I put on lip gloss, she puts on lip gloss.  If I wear a bracelet, she wears a bracelet.  She is such an affectionate child.  Looking back at my childhood pictures, Zellie looks the most like me.  What still fascinates me about her is her intense love of Kapaun.  She loves him so much.  She mothers him like each day is the first day she has met him. In turn, he loves her so much.  It is so cute to see her little body toss his fat thighs on her hip.  She knows how to distract him.  She knows how to calm him.  What a handy gal to have around during dinner time.  She would gladly ditch her school work to play with him.  
                                                       2009- Zellie 2 years old

2010- Zellie 3 years old

2011- Zellie 4 years old

2012- Zellie 5 years old

2013- Zellie 6 years old

2014- Zellie 7 years old

The yearly hay jump!

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  1. She could be Damaris in that first picture!!