Friday, December 19, 2014

Events to be remembered in case they ask...

The first three events we attended a couple months back.  I love taking our kids to speakers and forums even if the information goes way above their head.  They certainly look forward to each event.  I wanted to write these down in case I needed to reference in the future.

1.  Anthony Esolen's talk at the Cathedral 

I read his book Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child.  Esolen is an English professor at Providence College and a graduate of Princeton University.  He was the type of speaker that you wait with bated breath for every word that comes out and hope the talk lasts for about four hours.  He has such a brilliant mind with incredible spiritual depth. 

2.  Neil Gershefeld's talk as part of the E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues on "How to Make "almost" Anything."

Our friend and professor, Shane Farritor, gave the the first talk at the forum.  He is leading the way for an exciting venue called Innovation Campus soon to be offered at the University of Nebraska.  

The event was held at the Lied Center.  John was working late that night, but I really wanted the kids to hear the talks so off we went.  We sat front and center which I knew was a risk with the little two squirrels. I had to take them out, but the older kids really enjoyed listening to Gershefeld's ideas.  He is a professor at MIT and the director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms.

3.  Governor Pete Ricketts and Lt. Governor Mike Foley Picnic and watch party

We took the kids to Mike Foley's watch party back in May? I believe.  They were the only kids there, but really enjoyed watching the process and the night unfold.  They watched the election results come in and reported to John and I with eager anticipation.  I wanted to remember this night in particular because Vianney fell and scraped her knee on the way into the event.  I was unaware of her falling until a couple days later when I was giving her a bath and noticed her scraped knee.  I asked her when she hurt herself to which she replied, "I fell at the Foley party."  I don't know why I chuckled, but I guess it was cute to hear her say "Foley party."

In late October, our new Governor held a family picnic.  We enjoyed seeing and hearing the Governor-to-be, Lt. Governor Mike Foley, Senator Ben Sasse, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, and others.  Several of our friends were in attendance also so it was a great gathering of friends all united under one main passion-the defense of human LIFE.

4.  The Nutcracker at the Lied Center

Our children receive tickets to see the Nutcracker each year as part of our St. Nicholas celebration.  I have a hard time watching the show as my eyes are drawn to watching them watch the ballet.  This was Vianney's first year.  We went this past Sunday.

5.  On Saturday, we went to see a play called Imagine Christmas.  The opening scene was a mesmerizing rendition of the story of creation.  The music, the costumes, and the actors left many with a big lump in their throat.  How magnificent God must be to really realize how vast the universe is!


  1. That's hilarious y take your kids to adult type talks. Love that.
    St Nick brought our nutcracker tix too, for last Sunday! I tried to watch my daughter'so face as we enjoyed it together.

  2. I think that kids can get used to behaving in public events with practice. Being quiet in church every week is great for them. You can tell that your kids are used to listening to adults speak in public.

  3. This has nothing to do with this particular post...but I just wanted you to know that today when everything was going wrong and i wanted to be angry and hateful, i thought of your blog and was encouraged to take the holy road rather than the easy road. Thank you for being in the cloud of witnesses and encouraging me in love and good deeds. You have been blessed to be a blessing.

  4. How was your Christmas? Please update your family's goings on.......miss your posts!

  5. Missing your posts and keeping you in my prayers! Hope to hear an update soon!

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