Friday, January 16, 2015

Dominic's Ornaments

When we first found out we were expecting Dominic, there were so many firsts we were looking forward to. I had dreamed about babies my whole life.  I bought baby clothes before we were married.  I bought the baptismal gown all of our children have worn before we were married.  Amongst the many numerous preparations we made to welcome our first child, I was so excited to buy his FIRST Christmas ornament.  I scoured the stores for just the perfect one.  My hopes were to give each child their ornaments when they started their own family.  As time has gone on and ornaments have broken along the way, I realized I should probably document the ones that are currently intact so we can at least look back and remember each one.  Additionally, I realized this year after looking through the ornaments with the kids how much I treasure these memories and will have a hard time passing them on.  I want them to hang on my tree forever.  I try each year to pick an ornament that represented each child's current interests that year.  We give the ornaments to our children on New Year's Eve. 

2002 Christmas:  Baby's First Christmas

2003 Christmas:  The Bob the Builder Craze

2004 Christmas:  The Veggie Tale Craze

2005 Christmas

2006 Christmas

2007 Christmas

2008 Christmas

2009 Christmas

2010 Christmas

2011 Christmas:  He was heavy into Star Wars.  He originally had a Darth Vader ornament, but that broke.

2012 Christmas:  Dominic's first year of football

2013 Christmas:  The Hobbit craze continues

2013 Christmas:  A couple kids received two ornaments this year.

2014 Christmas:  The year of baking and memories of him lugging out my pink Kitchenaid mixer numerous afternoons to bake something for all us to enjoy.  He also made his famous molasses cookies to sell in hopes of saving up for a Wii U.

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