Friday, January 16, 2015

Lillie's Ornaments

2004 Christmas:  Baby's First Christmas

2005 Christmas

2006 Christmas

2007 Christmas

2008 Christmas

2009 Christmas

2010 Christmas:  Her first year of ballet

2011 Christmas:  We went to Paint Yourself Silly and she chose this ornament to paint.

2011 Christmas:  The girls were into fairies that year!

2012 Christmas:  Her first year of horse riding lessons.

2013 Christmas:  She loved to pet our neighbor's dog. She would pet Teddy for hours if I let her.
2013 Christmas

2014 Christmas:  Lillie LOVES to get the mail so I squealed when I found this.

2014 Christmas:  Her red hair reminded me of Lillie's beautiful hair.  Broken arm already due to a unnamed younger sibling...I am looking at you Kapaun.

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