Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Joe the linebacker

Joe, otherwise formally known as Kapaun, is almost 15 months old. He is 110% all boy if that is possible. We originally joked that he was built like a linebacker, but we think now he is going to be a lineman. His girth is wide.For the little food he consumes, you wouldn't think his physique would be as such.  Regardless, we love his roundness, his blond curly hair, and personality plus.  Baby fits are in full force which his older sisters love to deal with.  I have to remind them he has two parents who will handle his bursts, but they love talking to him about what he currently is dealing with.  Today's epic bout was that we wouldn't let him run with sharpened pencils in both hands.  We only let him run with unsharpened pencils.  He can't tell the difference just yet.  He really is pure JOY even though we have now enforced house confinement for the next year or so due to inappropriate behavior.  See you soon, Joe!

Put me in, Coach!


  1. It would be pretty funny if he did grow up and play football. He would love looking back and reading this!

  2. "We only run with unsharpened pencils." You always make me giggle, Lindsay. :) He's so squishably adorable! You guys make such cute babies.