Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Update on Henry

I sincerely apologize for not updating about our friend Henry. He is still in the hospital going on 4 weeks this Friday. The roller coaster ride his parents have been on leaves me speechless. He was a very sick little boy. They have had days filled with hope only to be followed by fever spikes, infections, and surgery. The Holdren's have four other small children so needless to say, this has been so heart-wrenching. Please continue to pray for Henry. We heard this past weekend that he would be coming home this coming Thursday or Friday, but we received word tonight that he will have surgery tomorrow instead. Thank you for praying.

Update tonight via Facebook: Henry update: I talked with Joe yesterday and he was really excited. Henry is taking his first steps in a month. He's using a walker and it's pretty painful for him, but it's a great improvement. Today he was able to stand for 90 seconds by himself. It's going to be a long road for our little guy, but he's a tough one. The infection doctors keep telling Joe and Marci that there are normal cases and then there's Henry. He shouldn't be doing as well as he is. I attribute that to all of your prayers. Thanks again to everyone for so much thoughtfulness! The journey continues to be a roller coaster. This evening, Joe has requested some specific prayers. "The mri today showed that there is more infection in Henry's body than last week before surgery. I just talked with the docs and they are expecting another surgery tomorrow. Henry is comfortably sleeping now unaware so that is good. I am guessing this scraps the hope of coming home on Thursday or Friday. The docs said they are not sure why this is happening for Henry and that so far his has been an atypical infection."


  1. I am so so sad and hurting for your friends. Know Henry is in our prayers.

    1. Hi Nell, I bet Anthony remembers this family. Henry's uncle is Fr. Ben Holdren. I think they were in the seminary together or about that time. I know they appreciate your prayers. God Bless.

  2. THANK YOU for the update! I share a classroom with Fr. Holdren and he's been gone this week so I've been missing my updates from him and have been very anxious to hear news.

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