Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014

It never fails that I get behind on posting the BIG life events like birthday, holidays, and births. Christmas this year was just perfect. Eight out of the ten of us were able to come to Lincoln. We did something new this year that was so wonderful. Each couple or groups of unmarried folks were assigned either brunch or dinner for the five days most of everybody was home. It was so fun to see what everyone prepared. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I wanted to spend the time with my family. 

The traditional game of RISK continues each year with the brother-in-laws.  I think they went to bed.  I am not sure.

Rose, Lillie, and Zellie received the coveted American Girl dolls this Christmas.  Rose received Julie,  Lillie received Isabelle, and Zellie received Samantha.

The newly engaged couple!!!!

Damaris and one of her other mothers.

I forget the name of this game, but my mother is holding the phone on her head and those in front of her are acting the word out.  My mom had to guess the word.

A failed sister/mother picture attempt.  It was so cold outside.

My dearest.  She stayed with us over Christmas and enabled me to get so much done in preparation for the baby.  Her best trait is she is such a cheerful giver.

Husker Bowl night, poker, and wings for the fellas.  I think they went to bed. 


  1. So happy that you are back to blogging and so excited to read all your new posts! I was considering emailing you to make sure everything was okay with you as I've been praying for your new little one, her surgery, and your recovery to go be with her at the other hospital.

  2. Thank you for posting again. Your posts are such an encouragement to me. They point me to Christ for my help.

    I was curious as to the arrangements for all your family getting together for Christmas. Would you be able to document that at some point? I'm mainly wondering about sleeping arrangements. I loved the idea for meals! Our family struggled this year with sleeping arrangements, and I love to learn from others and what they do. Thank you.