Friday, January 16, 2015

Clairvaux learns to read

A couple months back, John decided to teach Clairvaux how to read. He kind of started half-joking because we didn't think she was ready yet. WRONG-O. She caught on quickly. Since teaching Dominic to read, we have taken each child to the gas station to pick out a treat once they reach lesson 75.  Clairvaux was determined. She did her lesson every night and would come down to tell me which lesson she was on and in her words, "I am getting stronger with my reading every night." 

As time has gone on, the siblings are also invited to attend the gas station junk food party because of their love and support.  We let them each pick out something to thank them for all they've done for the honoree.  Whatever.  Why do we start these hilarious games?  I know why.   It makes John and I laugh.  My mother asked me last week to share with her a funny story about the kids.  I shared with her many stories and just told her how we usually go to bed every night laughing about their hilarious and idiot ways.  John and I mutually find them so funny.  My mother emailed back and said that her and my dad shared the same humor about their children and told me to thank God that I see the funny in their ways and enjoy them so much.


  1. Way to go Clairvaux!! I will have a hershey kiss in your honor today! (Okay, probably more than 1…learning to read is a BIG DEAL!) I love the intense concentration they are showing in trying to decide what to pick out. LOL!

  2. My crew refer to both the gas station nearby and the pharmacy with a little display of penny candies as "the candy store" b/c occasionally Nathaniel will take them for a treat. It's so fun to watch kids in those situations.

    Way to go, Clairvaux! That's amazing!

  3. What a sweet tradition! Which method do you use to teach reading?