Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zellie's First Holy Communion

Zellie made her First Holy Communion on April 18, 2015 at St. Teresa's Catholic Church. She was radiant and especially loved the princess crown I had found her a couple days before the big event.   She still wears it almost everyday.  I pray most for Zellie that she knows in her heart that she is a beautiful child of God, an heiress to the throne of heaven.  I pray that she seeks heaven above all earthly pursuits.  She is a beautiful child and drawn to beauty.  I pray she seeks the truth in beauty and uses it to glorify God.
She is a tender soul.  Zellie has a great sense of humor so we are always joking around with each other.  Out of all our children, she looks the most like me when I was a child.   

Her wonderful godparents, Joshua and Elisabeth, drove all the way from Colorado to celebrate with us. 

We initially thought Lourdes looked like Vianney, but more and more she is morphing into a mini-Zellie.

I love telling people John is a twin.  I always say he has an identical twin sister.  Most people believe me that they are identical.   Elisabeth was born 45 minutes before John.  His mother actually only thought they were having one baby.  They say Elisabeth cried until they put John next to her after he was born. 

Of course, we celebrated afterwards with friends, family, and food.
Zellie's buddy Cecelia made her First Holy Communion the same day at another parish.  She is the sweetest little girl. 


  1. Oh what a beautiful day! Congratulations Zelie on your first Holy Communion. I love your prayer for her Lindsay and the way you capture her spirit. My favorite picture is her running up the stairs to the church.

  2. Bless your sweet Zellie! What a special, lovely occasion. And I can definitely see the resemblance with Lourdes!

  3. It's SO nice to see so many posts of your lovely family again! It's like catching up with dear friends! Zellie, you look so beautiful for this most Special Day! So happy for you that you get to receive Jesus now, :-) Like Father said at our twins' First Communion a couple of weeks ago, it is the Greatest Gift.

    I see the resemblance between Lourdes and Zellie, too cute. I also think Lourdes looks a lot like Lillie. :-) I always love noticing family resemblances, I think it's so neat how God makes each person an individual but mixes in family traits!

  4. She looks like a little bride of Christ in her "get-away" car. What a blessing and beautiful gift!