Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dominic's Hobbit Birthday Party

Dominic turned 13-years-old a few months back. I neglected writing this post for the simple reason that trying to adequately formulate the words to describe Dominic is quite overwhelming. John and I wanted to throw him such a wonderful party to celebrate his wonderful life and to thank him for his supreme goodness and generosity to our family. He is such a wonderful son, brother, and human being. John's father remarked a few months back that he's never met a boy quite like Dominic. The only words I have to describe him are those I've read in the stories of the childhood saints. He is wise and mature beyond his years. His heart is so pure and generous. He always wears his scapular.  He is such a leader in our family and takes the role very seriously challenging his sibling to lives of virtue on a daily basis.  He sacrifices so much that it is sometimes hard as his mother to let him do some of the sacrifices.  He has started sleeping on the floor without a blanket to offer it up for certain intentions.  The motherly instinct wants to pick him up and put him comfortably in his bed at night, but I know that we are to lead lives of greatness so we must let him.  He has a special devotion to the poor souls in purgatory and prays for them everyday without fail.  He perceives the needs of our family before we ask.  If he even sees me walk into the kitchen, he stops what he is doing to come help always asking what I need.  He loves Lourdes so much and always offers to keep her so I can go take a nap.
As of recently, I realized I need to pray for him more because the innate goodness of his soul will be that more challenged as he grows older.   I want to never forget the time he came downstairs one morning tell me he stayed up reading "Rome Sweet Home" the whole night.  He went on and on how good it was.
I cannot believe that he will be in 8th grade this year.  I knew our time at home together would go fast, but really did it have to go that fast?  I feel that familiar lump in my throat come too often these days as I watch him grow.   He has no idea how I love sitting next to him in the car listening to his stories and am very aware of the passing time.  He doesn't know how I mentally record his happy self each morning sitting at the school table already hard at work and enjoy his cheerful "Good Morning!  How did you sleep?"   I have remarked several times to my family that I wish so much I could raise him one more time.  He has been such a joy everyday. 

The party gifts...Dominic loves details like I do so we had so much fun putting these together especially finding the little golden rings to attach to the name tag.

A Rhosgobel Rabbit

The Shelob

We even included the rune marking on Bilbo's door.

The Smaug pinata filled with shares of the Lonely Mountain Treasure of chocolate. 
We envisioned each boy taking a smack at the pinata and the chocolate spilling out everywhere, but sadly it went down on the first hit with the first boy.

John rented this awesome Gandalf costume to surprise Dominic at the party.  I loved how excited he was to wear it and how he went out into the woods to find the perfect stick to carry.  We started the party with Lord of the Rings trivia which earned a gold coin for each correct answer.

His smile was priceless when he saw John.
Dominic and I were out buying a few last minutes details and saw my friend at the store.  She asked what we were doing and I told her we were about our party business.  She then offers to make the cake for the party.  Who does that????  We were so thankful for her generosity that saved me a very late night.
We ordered pizza and had a variety of side dishes and beverages to choose from.  
When I asked Dominic to make his guest list, we quickly realized that the party was going to be large.  Forty boys came to his party!!!!  He has been blessed with such wonderful friends from different areas of his life.  When John took him to his physical this year, the doctor commented how important it is to have good friends.  John told me later that Dominic said back to him, "YES.  It is also important to be a good friend."  He said the doctor was taken aback by his response. 

Trying to be serious


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! What a neat party idea. He sounds like such a wonderful boy. His response to the doctor is priceless. I know you are so proud!

  2. You are right. There are no words to make his goodness believable. I still want to order WWDD? bracelets for my boys. William enjoyed his time with him today. I am so grateful that he IS a good friend and example.

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