Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day

My siblings have coined the phrase "To find a John" when talking about their future spouse. My married brothers tell me they ask themselves the question "What would John do?" when tackling tasks. YES. You certainly are a once in a lifetime experience.  You radiate service and love.  I know most of it must be grace, but I do have to thank your wonderful parents who taught you the beautiful way of having a servant's heart.  Often in marriage, God pairs two opposite but complimentary personalities together.  We happen to share the exact same awareness of the preciousness and seriousness of our job as parents.  We both cry at the same things regarding the kids.  We look at each other all day long to make sure the other caught the cute thing one of them has done or said.  We call each other during the day to give the daily funny report.
What a happy childhood you've given our children!  Most mornings, you willingly push the little three in the jogging stroller.  It would be so much easier for you to go by yourself, but you always insist.  You always come back happy to report the funny things each child said on the run.  You love our babies like I do and laugh everytime they attack nurse.  We think it is funny everytime even with our 9th baby.  
I miss you each day you walk out that door...still after 14 years.  My heart literally feels a tug when you pull away.  I know the kids feel the same as they ask all day when you will be home.   I love how you leave each day and tell the kids "Help Mama."

When Lourdes had her first abdominal ultrasound, she had to fast for four hours.  You knew how anxious I was so after I fed her at 3:00 AM, you took her downstairs and for a drive.  You listened to her scream for 4 hours and you did it for me. 
Baptizing Lourdes.

Doing your famous Irish jig!
I love how you rally the troops to work out each day. 

I am especially appreciative of your desire to make each child feel special.  You so willingly go with all my silly promptings and really do enjoy making them happy.  Remember when you came home after working all day and sent us all to see "Cinderella" in the theaters because the girls are your princesses.  Their faces were great!!!!  You even kept a screaming, newborn Lourdes so I could go.
Your Friday night date nights with each child is something that will be etched on their hearts.