Sunday, June 21, 2015

My very own Farrell's party

John encouraged me shortly after Lourdes was born to start exercising.  It is always hard for me to make time, but it feels so great to sweat everyday.  I really enjoy kickboxing so I entered a 10 week fitness challenge through Farrell's Kickboxing.  The winner receives $1000.00 for the biggest body transformation.  I was really motivated and wanted to have 100% attendance.  John said he would do whatever it took to make it happen.  Every morning for ten weeks, John and Dominic held down the fort while I attended class.  The kids were so excited for me to win the contest.  They constantly wanted updates and my current thoughts as to if I thought I was going to win or not.  It was so great.  I did not win much to their displeasure, but I did have 100% attendance and it really was so great to exercise everyday.
Rose has such a tender heart and wanted to have our own celebration.  John said she so dutifully planned all the party details.  They wanted to go to the Dollar Tree to buy gifts.  She wanted to make a special dessert.  They wanted decorations.  John was to take me out "on a date" so when we came home, they would surprise me.
First, John took them all to the Dollar Tree which was ridiculously fun.  Then, they scurried in the house and up to their room to wrap my prizes.  I acted very busy and unaware of all the fuss.  We put the little ones to bed and John ushered me to Target.  Finally, they got to work.  They were all waiting in the window when we pulled up.  I saw the lights go out and 400 little bodies scrambled past the window to hide.  We walked in and heard "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Of course, I acted completely shocked.  My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.  

Dominic picked out for me the Coke glass we always point out to each other when shopping Dollar Tree goods.  We always say, "We should get that.  It is so cool." 
Lillie picked out for me a scented Skittle candle.  She was overcome with excitement as she knows I loved the candle Dominic gave me for Christmas.  She saw my reaction then so I am sure that is why she picked out a candle.  So observant.
Rose, the party planner.  She is always so appropriate and thoughtful.  She wanted me to know how proud they were of me even though I didn't win.  She was worried I was disappointed. Heck NO...I would have rather had your party any day.

Everyone was jealous of the beautiful glitter portrait Zellie picked out.  They each commented how they wanted to give it to me after Zellie found it.  Lucky duck I am.  She thinks it is ravishing.
Vianney artfully colored three pictures and hid them all day in her backpack to surprise me. 
Clairvaux's face in the next pictures are so precious.  She colored and drew all day too!  THEN, she gave me her coveted one dollar bill. 

Damaris scribbled furiously her Sofia the First picture.  What will I do with all my treasures?

The table of honor.

Signs everywhere

Hearts taped to the walls.

Rose's masterpiece of a Rice Krispie treat.  Her siblings couldn't believe her talent to be able to shape it into a heart.  They just were in awe of her rare gift.

I will never forget them this day. They wanted me so bad to know I did a good job. I would have much rather attended this party than win $1000.00.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How did I not know this? You are so secretive. ;) I could hear you telling me this story in your own voice and now my face hurts from smiling.

  2. This is so sweet! Made me happy just reading about it. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! :)

  3. So remarkably sweet! I LOVE when kids throw surprise parties, and when it's for Mama, that's the best!

  4. That is about the most precious thing I've ever read!! What great kids!

  5. WOW! What Renee said - I can't believe you did a 10 week program without telling us! Nice work. That's amazing. And that party was totally worth it. Maybe I could show this to my kids and us a "surprise" kid party as my motivation... :)

  6. Aww...what a bunch of sweet kids you have! And, what a thoughtful husband to hold down the fort in the mornings so you could go to class!

  7. Love it all and am so proud of you!

  8. Oy, my!! Your narration makes it so much sweeter, oh so sweet already - but the best was the unexpected belly laugh at the end when you describe the siblings' awe of Rose's "rare gift." LOL. Such a beautiful blog no matter what's going on with your family! Be blessed. (You are!) :D

  9. Wow! What a beautiful and fun party! I was wondering if you would be willing and able to write a post about your family prayer life. It has been the topic of many conversations in my house and circle of friends. And we all read your blog!

  10. This is so sweet! I love your blog!
    Mom to 7 blessings

  11. How sweet! Makes a Mama's heart melt seeing and feeling all that love.


  12. I just want you to know I've read this post over and over, and I die laughing every time. Your kids are so cute and thoughtful, and the love and joy in your family is so evident! It inspires me to seek to have this kind of atmosphere in my home too. :) God bless you!