Thursday, July 9, 2015

4 key points of Formation

For my own records:

I've been carrying this little piece of paper around for three years regarding the four key points of formation that I wanted to remember.  I initially heard this on Spirit Catholic Radio.

1.  Pastoral
2.  Human i.e. table manners
3.  Spiritual i.e. prayer
4.  Intellectual i.e. systematic study

#1 brings the other three all together

Our goal with these four points are:

1.  To develop within our children and selves a deep prayer life
2.  To know and love God


  1. I love this! Would love hear more about it....I am not sure what pastoral means.

    1. I would also love to know what you mean by pastoral. Thanks for posting! Love your blog, Lindsay.

  2. Dear Lindsay, I love this. I would love to hear from you a bit more about parenting in general. Your blog is just swet and lovely and your family is precious. Greetings, Katarina

  3. Going into the "where is Lindsay's next blog?" mode.....yes, we miss hearing from you on a weekly basis:) It's like a missed phone call from your favorite sister!