Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Cheese

I haven't been able to quite capture it yet, but this is close. I L.O.V.E when babies start the cheese smile. She does it loud and proud. The kids hit the floor everytime because she holds it tight and cheesy. I hope I can capture the real deal before she stops doing it.
Starting her engines...

Shy because her audience is egging her on..

Cheese Take #1

Cheesier Take #2

Coming out of the cheese...almost got it...

Away with you fools...


  1. So adorable! My just-turned-1year old (how did that happen so fast....I was just pregnant with him) has a very toothy cheese smile now. It lights up his whole face and everyone else's as well :) It looks like you may have another red head?

  2. You and John have the MOST BEAUTIFUL BABIES! It is a joy to see each child grow up. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Your witness does something to my soul. So happy and grateful for the miraculous news about your special mom.

  3. A strawberry blond Zellie! Beautiful!

  4. (From Renee logged in as Philbert, apparently.)