Thursday, September 10, 2015

A beautiful visual for explaining to our children about receiving Jesus in Holy Communion.

"We should receive Our Lord in the Eucharist with the faith and love of a child.  Children receiving Holy Communion ought to think of themselves approaching to take the Child Jesus from the arms of our Blessed Lady.  With how much love and adoration, with what joy we should receive Jesus into our arms, if the Blessed Virgin should appear before us to give Him to us!  Yet Holy Communion is really better than that; we not only receive Jesus into our arms, but into our very hearts."

Taken from My Catholic Faith
Original copyright, 1949, 1955, 1958

I showed this picture to the kids today and we were all filled with wonder and awe.  Isn't that the most perfect way to approach Holy Communion!  Can't you just imagine a child walking toward Mary to hold Jesus!  I know how our children approach me to hold Lourdes so this really spoke to their hearts.  I loved it for myself also.  I can get so distracted with keeping the children in line that my mind wonders, but I just keep thinking of this image when walking up to receive Jesus.  We are using this book for religion as part of our homeschool curriculum.  It is so very rich! 

I discovered this book on our shelf about a month ago.  I literally CANNOT stop reading it.  The illustrations are second to none.  Most pages are filled with such detailed art work.  I would buy it again for the pictures alone.  I have learned and relearned so much about our beautiful Catholic faith.  Our faith is so rich and meaningful.  EVERYTHING means something.  Everything.  I am trying to absorb His beautiful wisdom through all the guidelines the Church has given to us.  It is all out of so much LOVE.

We all really should meditate upon this picture often perhaps right before Holy Communion.


  1. So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! This will even help me :)

  2. beautiful! perfect meditation and visual for children and grown-ups too!

  3. Parts of this book are available online here:

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    Your blog is an inspiration to me daily. I always appreciate your reverence coupled with being very down to earth. I'm sure you have many things on your mind and this is the least of your concerns but I just wanted to let you know how the word "take" sounds to me as a reader. Theologically it doesn't seem to fit that we would take our Lord in Holy Communion nor from His Mother. Possibly "receive" or "in order to hold" might convey better what you continue to say and show below. In either case, thank you for your wisdom and daily example of motherhood.

  5. I didn't see the word "take" anywhere.

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